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STOP, BLOCK & TALK® for digital safety and wellbeing

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Learn How to Be a Safe Web Wise Wanderer To be a safe explorer online, use STOP, BLOCK & TALK® every time! Welcome to the Web Wise Wanderers interactive course! Made for kids by kids. Our local youth have come together to create and star in a series of engaging short films to help you take charge of your safety and wellbeing online. These films will help guide kids like you through common situations that might pop up online. Not a child? No worries, this course is also great for parents, caregivers, teachers, and anyone working with youth who wants an authentic look at the challenges our young people face online today. Join us for an exciting journey to learn how to safely navigate the digital world with our STOP, BLOCK & TALK® strategy. This programme isn’t just about learning crucial safety and wellbeing skills—it’s also about building strong connections with others as you explore the online world together. Course Highlights: Interactive Videos: Engage with fun and educational videos that illustrate real-life scenarios and teach valuable lessons. Activities and Discussions: Participate in hands-on activities and meaningful discussions to reinforce learning and encourage family conversations about online safety. Key Topics: Internet Safety: Learn the simple STOP, BLOCK & TALK safety and wellbeing strategy. Understand the basics of staying safe online, including recognising and avoiding potential dangers. Online Bullying Prevention: Learn how to identify, prevent, and respond to bullying in the digital world. Body Image: Explore the impact of online content on body image and self-esteem. Learn strategies to maintain a positive self-image. Responsible Online Behaviour: Discover the importance of your digital footprint, consent, and respectful online interactions. Join our community of Web Wise Wanderers today and empower your family to be safe and savvy digital citizens!

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