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Orange Book Redesign Contest

Are you keen to win up to $500 and $1000 for your school or community group?

We received a lot of feedback from young people like you. They said our book had great content but a boring design. We want to make sure that all young people read this book. You know what type of design would make you pick up a book to read, so who better to design our book than you!

Please read the Tips and Entry Instructions below. The entry form is at the bottom of this page. Please see the terms and conditions for eligibility. 


Increase your chance of winning by following these tips:

  1. Submit your cover design as a .pdf or .png. Ask your parent, group leader, or teacher if you need help. The winning design will be the new cover on both the electronic and print versions. 

  2. Ensure the cover design looks good on A5 paper size. So print it and view it first before sending it.

  3. Ensure the cover design has orange in it. 

  4. Include in your cover design these words:

    1. The Little Orange Book

    2. Digital Wellbeing and Safety

  5. Provide suggestions on how you would improve or redesign the book. Provide a sample page as a .pdf or .png or write-up suggestions.

Entry instructions

  1. You must enter by filling out the form below. Due to security restrictions, we can not accept .pdfs or .pngs via this website. Once you submit the form, you will be given an email address to email your design.

  2. Your group may only enter once. So choose a member to fill out this form. 

  3. Kura and community groups can have more than one group enter. 

  4. All participants in your group must be under 16 as of April 21st 2023.

Sponsored by Waitaha Regional Digital Equity.

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Enter the Contest

Complete this form to enter the contest. Once completed, you will receive instructions on emailing your design(s). Only one member from your group may apply. If you need help, please ask a trusted adult. Multiple entries per kura, school or community group are allowed.

I understand that our cover design must have orange as the majority colour.
I understand that I must submit this form to enter the contest. Once submitted I will receive instructions on how to submit our PDF design.

Thanks for submitting! Please submit your design to

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