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Let’s Talk Data Protection!

🔐 Protect Your Data and Try Again! 🛡️

Creating solid and memorable passwords is crucial in today’s digital world. Follow these 3 simple steps to fortify your online accounts:

🔒 Step 1: Start with your favourite word and add an exclamation mark (!). Example: star!

📆 Step 2: Incorporate your favourite year. For instance, star!2021

🌐 Step 3: Make it unique for each site or app by including the first 3

letters (or your choice) of the platform’s name, capitalised. For Facebook, it could be FACstar!2021

This is just an idea of a pattern you can use. Choose your own! For added security. Periodically update your pattern.

Empower older children to secure their credit cards and bank accounts with strong PINs:

🔢 Step 1: Select a word with the same number of characters as the required PIN. For a 4-digit PIN, choose a 4-letter word like “star."

🔢 Step 2: Use the keypad to replace the letters with corresponding numbers. For “star,” it becomes 7827.

Tip: This can also be used on phones where numbers are required to unlock.

Teaching these techniques ensures better online security for your loved ones. Share these tips to help protect their digital lives! 💪🔒

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