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Our Mission

Empowering ethical learners
knowledge, passion and respect

Our Vision

We want all individuals to be safe, ethical and responsible digital device users who successfully manage their digital wellbeing and safety.

To achieve our vision, we aim to fund across three focus areas:

Two Friends with a Tablet

Champion Safe Device Use

Individuals have the awareness and capability to navigate digitally

Safety - create digitally safe communities by delivering early intervention strategies and support

Tools and apps - create, maintain and promote tools and apps to support community ownership of safe, responsible, digital technology use

Business Tools - provide support and guidance for businesses to promote best practices for digital safety and wellbeing

Foster Individual Agency

Individuals confidently and competently engage digitally

Students, teachers, parents, and community members are prepared and empowered to manage their digital safety and wellbeing through participating in the trust’s programmes and utilising trust resources and support.

Image by Usen Parmanov

Increase Equity

Individuals have the relationships and guidance to access digitally

  • Remove knowledge barriers that prevent participation in the digital environment.

  • Promote ethical digital creation and use

  • Cultivate relationships with local iwi to increase engagement with trust programmes

  • Cultivate relationships with migrant leaders to increase engagement with trust programmes

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