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Our Mission

Empowering ethical learners
knowledge, passion and respect

Our Vision

We want all individuals to be safe, ethical and responsible digital device users who successfully manage their digital wellbeing and safety.

Two Friends with a Tablet

Champion Safe Device Use

Individuals have the awareness and capability to navigate digitally

Safety - create digitally safe communities by delivering early intervention strategies and support

Tools and apps - create, maintain and promote tools and apps to support community ownership of safe, responsible, digital technology use

Business Tools - provide support and guidance for businesses to promote best practices for digital safety and wellbeing

Foster Individual Agency

Individuals confidently and competently engage digitally

Students, teachers, parents, and community members are prepared and empowered to manage their digital safety and wellbeing through participating in the trust’s programmes and utilising trust resources and support.

Image by Usen Parmanov

Increase Equity

Individuals have the relationships and guidance to access digitally

  • Remove knowledge barriers that prevent participation in the digital environment.

  • Promote ethical digital creation and use

  • Cultivate relationships with local iwi to increase engagement with trust programmes

  • Cultivate relationships with migrant leaders to increase engagement with trust programmes

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Daniel Richards


Daniel is a Risk Advising Insurance Broker and is regularly exposed to concerns individuals and business face within the Digital world. He is passionate about supporting the community and cares about helping people to protect themselves from digital risks. He is excited about the opportunity to cultivate a closer community, protect rangatahi and whånau and encourage safe and ethical access to the Digital World.


Megan Rutter

Youth Chair

Megan Rutter brings her expertise as a first-generation digital citizen to the Trust. She is keen to apply her first-hand knowledge to help improve community members' online skills and safety. She is passionate about creating awareness and providing skills for tamariki and families to stay safe online and is motivated by the desire to ensure her younger siblings enjoy the benefits of the online world while staying safe.


Jenny Rae


Most importantly I am mother of three, step mother of three, new grandmother and other mother to many. My background includes: education engagement, youth development, youth support, whanau support, community connecting, youth centre coordinator, team leader to Safer Mid Canterbury youth team. Currently I’m a Professional Supervised Child Contact Provider and continue my mahi at BASE Youth Centre.

FB_IMG_1570482446166 - Debra Curtins_edi

Debra Curtin


Debra Curtin has recently sold her Chiropractic clinic to free up her time for other opportunities. She has recently stepped into the role of Trustee with Digital Waitaha, in part to help learn more about digital safety and be able to help others in the community.

Kirsty - Kirsty Saxon_edited.jpg

Kirsty Saxon


Kirsty is an experienced primary and secondary school teacher from Mount Hutt College. She works as an English teacher with new migrants and international students. Digital Technology has been her passion, and she can bring a kaupapa Māori perspective to Digital Waitaha. With her children approaching teen years, Kirsty is acutely aware of our young people's mental wellbeing and safety in the digital context.

Koizumi_17_02_2021_02 (1)_edited.jpg

Neysa Koizumi

Lead Coordinator / Facilitator

Neysa Koizumi was a web and application developer for over 20 years. Her roles included lead architect and senior developer on teams small and large in New Zealand and the US. She is a mother of two school-aged digital citizens. Neysa is passionate about empowering all community members to be safe and responsible digitally. She is excited to help the trust support its vision.

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