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Our programmes

We create evidence-based programmes.

Our work at Digital Waitaha Charitable Trust provides a holistic approach to solving our community's most significant digital challenges. We aim to empower individuals to manage their digital safety and wellbeing by creating opportunities to engage in our programmes that improve upon their digital skills.

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Digital Safety

Our STOP, BLOCK & TALK® for digital safety and wellbeing programme is a research and evidence-based solution to empower students starting early childhood to manage their online safety and wellbeing.

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Gaming Fun

From year 0 - 10

STOP, BLOCK & TALK® for digital safety and wellbeing.

Students are empowered to be in control of their digital wellbeing, safety, and mental health. Tamariki learn preventative strategies in a dynamic classroom setting. Each agile session is age-appropriate and tailored to the specific needs of the learning environment.


For New Entrant - Year 3:

  • Interactive Unplugged Coding Activity: Students engage in hands-on coding without using digital devices.

  • Group Discussion on Watching Habits: Facilitated group discussions to establish context for introducing the STOP, BLOCK & TALK (SBT) strategy.


For Year 3 and above:

  • Additional Group Discussions: These discussions are specific to students’ experience levels, establishing context for introducing the STOP, BLOCK & TALK strategy.

  • PMI Activity: Students discuss the positives and negatives they face online.

  • Utilisation of Videos: Age-appropriate videos provide scenarios and facilitate discussions on crucial digital safety and wellbeing topics.

  • Roleplay: Roleplay activities are integrated into the sessions, allowing students to enact real-life situations and apply the SBT strategy.

  • Additional Fun Interactive Activities: To introduce different strategies to handle topics identified in the PMI

Digital Ambassadors
Year 5+

Digital Ambassadors are student leaders dedicated to reinforcing the STOP, BLOCK & TALK® safety and wellbeing strategy, modelling positive behaviours, and promoting digital citizenship within their learning environment.


Benefits of the Digital Safety and Wellbeing Leadership Program:


  • Embed Digital Safety and Wellbeing: Sustain the knowledge learned while embedding it within the school culture.

  • Reinforcement of Strategies: Students remember with minimal effort from teachers and staff.

  • Peer support and Role Models: Digital Ambassadors offer support and guidance to their peers.

  • Leadership skills: Develop leadership skills, digital literacy, and critical thinking abilities, preparing them for future challenges in the digital age.

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The Youth Workbook, a.k.a. the Orange Book,  is a resource that supports this programme. Download a digital version, a fillable version, or buy a hard copy.

Ask us how to embed Digital Ambassadors as part of peer support in secondary kura.

Whānau Workshops

Workshops for parents and caregivers to learn strategies and techniques to build their digital parenting confidence.

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Family Photography

Whānau Workshops

Raising children in the digital age comes with additional challenges. How do we keep our children safe and well online? What do we need to look for when using digital devices? What are the benefits and negatives of our children's interactions that we need to pay attention to when they are online? In this one-hour workshop, we discuss these challenges and learn strategies to build confidence in parenting in the digital age.

Expected Participant outcomes

  • Confidently talk about digital safety

  • Be able to create easy yet strong passwords

  • Become aware of local issues affecting tamariki

  • Become knowledgeable about popular apps and games and their benefits and dangers

  • Understand how to guide tamariki to be safe and well online

  • Understand the BEST techniques for parenting digital citizens

  • Confidently use the STOP, BLOCK & TALK® digital safety strategy

  • Know what a digital footprint is and how it will affect future opportunities for all children

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The Whānau Guide, a.k.a. the Blue Book,  is a resource that supports this programme. Download a digital version or buy a hard copy.

Digital Shield

This programme provides easily understandable education on identifying fraudulent websites, emails, and texts, recognising safe websites, emails and texts, protecting personal data, ensuring online safety and wellbeing, and safeguarding future opportunities.

Are you an organisation? Click here to learn why you need a social media policy.

Management Meeting

Digital Shield

This programme is excellent for:
  • Businesses and Institutions looking for digital wellbeing programmes for their employees.
  • Secondary students from year 10.
  • Tertiary students.
  • Any organisation that cares about their members' online wellbeing and safety.

Are you ready to take control of your online experience?


This comprehensive program is designed for anyone interested in proactively mitigating risks and reducing harm in the online world. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to confidently navigate the online world, protect your personal data, and foster a safer digital environment.

Why Choose Our Program?

Empower yourself with essential online safety skills.

Protect your personal data and privacy.

Develop the ability to identify and avoid online scams.

Ensure a healthy and balanced digital lifestyle.

Create a safer digital environment for yourself and others.


Digital Shield, a.k.a. the Green Book,  is a resource that supports this programme. Buy a copy today!

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