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Digital Shield

Whether you’re assessing your needs, aiming to cover essential online safety skills, or enhancing your digital protection, especially with social media and email, we have you covered. Don’t know where to start? Begin with the Digital Warrant of Fitness (WOF) to pinpoint your cybersecurity starting point.


The Digital Shield Basic is ideal for teams to grasp online safety fundamentals, such as spotting fraud invoices and scams and meeting the educational needs of businesses with cyber or social engineering insurance.


Digital Shield Plus offers comprehensive protection for more in-depth knowledge, especially around social media and email use. Each package is customised to bolster your business’s safety online and equip your team to handle cyber risks confidently.

Management Meeting

Digital Shield

This programme is excellent for:
  • Businesses and Institutions looking for digital wellbeing programmes for their employees.
  • Secondary students from year 10.
  • Tertiary students.
  • Any organisation that cares about their members' online wellbeing and safety.

Are you ready to take control of your online experience?


This comprehensive program is designed for anyone interested in proactively mitigating risks and reducing harm in the online world. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to confidently navigate the online world, protect your personal data, and foster a safer digital environment.

Why Choose Our Program?

Empower yourself with essential online safety skills.

Protect your personal data and privacy.

Develop the ability to identify and avoid online scams.

Ensure a healthy and balanced digital lifestyle.

Create a safer digital environment for yourself and others.


Digital Shield, a.k.a. the Green Book,  is a resource that supports this programme. Buy a copy today!

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It is a fast, 30-minute check to see how safe your business is online. It’s perfect for companies just starting to think about cybersecurity. We look at how you currently use social media and email to keep your business safe online, then offer tips on where you can improve.

What you get
Why it matters
Quick Assessment, Personalised Advice, Helpful Booklet
Any business that's starting to look into being safe online. It’s also great if you're not sure what kind of training you need or if you should have rules about using social media and email at work.
Ensuring online safety is crucial in today's digital landscape. The Digital WOF provides a comprehensive assessment of your current security status and offers actionable steps to enhance the protection of your business.
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What you get
Who its for
Why it matters
Flexible 1-hour Educational Session Educational and Interactive Activities Up to 30 Educational Booklets with scam savvy checklist
Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses with social engineering or cyber insurance and want to comply with educational requirements. It is also well-suited for organisations looking to establish or reinforce fundamental cybersecurity awareness among all employees.
Cybersecurity is more crucial than ever, so protect your business by equipping your team with the knowledge to avoid costly security breaches. It boosts employee confidence and online wellbeing through practical tools and information, empowering them to make safer decisions online and enhancing the overall security posture of your organisation.

Equip your team with the essential knowledge needed for online safety in a short, one hour session that covers key cybersecurity concepts and helps employees recognise common online threats like fraudulent websites, phishing, and scams.

Digital Shield Brochure - final proof A4
What you get
Who its for
Why it matters
Begins with a 30-minute assessment to receive tailored 90-minute training and up to 30 booklets.
Tailored for any business that relies on digital communications for internal and external communication. It is particularly crucial for organizations looking to instill a culture of digital responsibility among employees to ensure that their online actions align with the company’s best interests.
In today’s interconnected world, maintaining a positive and secure digital presence is vital. Digital Shield Plus helps safeguard your organisation’s reputation and confidentiality by educating employees on the importance of careful digital interactions. This training ensures that your team’s online actions reflect well on the company and contribute positively to its goals.

Do you depend on social media, email, or other digital communications for daily operations? This extensive program educates your teams on managing your digital footprint responsibly, emphasizing the impact of private online interactions and email usage on the workplace.

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