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Welcome to Digital Waitaha

Welcome to Digital Waitaha. A Charitable trust set up to Empower Ethical Learners in the Digital space we live and work in.

Our students and families are now incredibly familiar with the digital world we have created and embraced. However our tamariki and new learners have to be supported to navigate the landscapes and holes that capture us while surfing the knowledge wave.

As a school Principal and Chair of Digital Waitaha I am becoming more concerned with the marketing, information and misinformation our tamariki are subject to in the advertisements and links that Facebook, youtube and other social media platforms share.

Digital Waitaha has been created to support schools, businesses and communities with device use, digital wellbeing and online creation. Our aim is to remove barriers and help build relationships with our stakeholders so they can be in charge of their learning with confidence and support.

With the support of consultants we will deliver workshops, reviews and share knowledge. The work will be supported with generous donations, sponsorship and also applications for funding so hopefully our vision is delivered for free.

The Board consists of committed members from a variety of backgrounds. The website introduces the team with their biographies and also shares with you our goals and objectives.

Our hope is that Digital Waitaha will be the place you will go for all things Digital when you consider working in the areas of social media, business and education. We believe the Trust will be a successful addition to the Digital world and, even better, it’s a product of Mid Canterbury.

We are proud to be launching our Trust to Empower Ethical Learners with knowledge, passion and respect.

Mark Ellis Rakaia School Principal Digital Waitaha Trusts Chairperson

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