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Resources for students, parents, whānau, other caregivers and anyone interested in staying safe and well online.

Youth Workbook Cover

Youth Workbook: Digital Wellbeing and Safety

This engaging workbook for students in years 5-9 is the ultimate guide to confidently navigating the online world and taking charge of your wellbeing. Packed with interactive activities and valuable insights, it’s your key to staying safe and secure whenever you log on.

Explore the fascinating topics covered in this handy booklet:

  • STOP, BLOCK & TALK®: Empowering you with practical strategies to handle online challenges.

  • Digital Footprint: Discover the importance of managing your digital trail and leaving a positive mark.

  • Online Bullying: Learn how to protect yourself from bullies and create a kinder online environment.

  • Body Image: Uncover the pitfalls of comparing yourself to others online and embrace your uniqueness.

  • Addiction: Explore screen time boundaries and find a healthy balance for your digital life.

  • Consent: Understand the importance of obtaining permission before capturing and sharing someone’s photo.

  • Scams: Sharpen your skills to detect and avoid deceptive online schemes.

  • What is real? Dive into the world of fact-checking and distinguishing truth from fiction.

  • Safety and Wellness Tips: Take control of your online safety and wellbeing with practical tips.

  • Helpful information: Discover a wealth of resources and support networks for concerns.

  • Rewards and Recognition: Receive a certificate for completing the workbook.

Prepare yourself for an interactive and enlightening journey through the digital landscape. Get ready to become a savvy and empowered digital citizen while having fun along the way!

Choose fillable or regular PDF.

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Whānau Guide: Digital Wellbeing and Safety

This invaluable guide is specifically curated for parents and caregivers of children of all ages who use digital devices. It offers practical, age-appropriate advice, easy-to-implement strategies, and conversation starters to support you in navigating the digital landscape alongside your children.

Inside this guide, you will find:

  • Helpful Information: Discover additional resources and organizations that can assist and support your whānau.

  • The BEST Techniques: Explore effective digital parenting strategies that can empower you to guide your children’s digital journey.

  • Protect their data: Learn essential tips to safeguard your children’s personal information and privacy online.

  • What is real? Dive into the world of fact-checking and link verification to help your children navigate the online information landscape.

  • STOP, BLOCK & TALK®: Equip yourself with knowledge on fostering digital wellbeing and safety within your whānau.

  • Digital Footprint: Gain insights into the concept of a permanent digital trail and understand how it can impact your children’s online presence.

  • Online Bullying: Discover practical ways to protect children from bullies and create a safe online environment.

  • Body Image: Find tools to navigate discussions on body image with your children.

  • Addiction: Learn about healthy digital habits and find guidance on determining appropriate screen time limits for your children.

  • Consent: Understand the importance of obtaining consent before capturing and sharing photos of others.

  • Scams and Hacks: Develop skills to identify and mitigate potential risks of encountering harmful content online.

Empower yourself as a digital parent and explore the wealth of knowledge and practical strategies offered in this Whānau Guide. Together, we can create a safer and more fulfilling digital experience for your children.

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Digital Safety and Wellbeing Training

Coming soon! 

This comprehensive program is designed for anyone interested in proactively mitigating risks and reducing harm in the online world.

Key topics covered in this training include:

  • Protect your data: Discover practical strategies to secure your personal information and maintain privacy online.

  • What is real? Fact and link checking: Learn valuable techniques to verify the authenticity of information and identify reliable sources online.

  • Learn how to identify a safe website: Acquire the skills to assess the trustworthiness and security of websites you encounter.

  • Learn how to identify a scam website: Develop the ability to recognize warning signs and protect yourself from fraudulent online platforms.

  • Learn how to protect yourself from scams: Equip yourself with knowledge and practical tips to avoid online scams.

  • Learn how to identify safe emails and links: Gain insights into identifying legitimate emails and links to prevent phishing and other malicious activities.

  • Digital Footprint: Understand the concept of a permanent digital trail and learn ways to manage and shape your online presence.

  • Consent: Explore the importance of obtaining consent before capturing and sharing someone’s photo online.

  • Digital Wellbeing: Discover strategies and practices to maintain a healthy and balanced relationship with technology, promoting overall wellbeing in the digital age.

Participating in this Digital Safety and Wellbeing Training will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently navigate the online world, protect your personal data, and foster a safer digital environment. Join us on this transformative journey towards a more secure and empowered online experience.

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