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Digital Shield

Green Book - Digital Safety - v 1.1 - PRINT.png

Take charge of your online presence with confidence. The green book is your go-to resource for mitigating digital risks. 


Protect Your Data

Discover practical strategies to secure your personal information and maintain privacy online.

What is Real? Fact and Link Checking

Learn valuable techniques to verify the authenticity of information and identify reliable sources online.

Identify Safe Websites

Acquire the skills to assess the trustworthiness and security of websites you encounter.

Identify Scam Websites

Develop the ability to recognize warning signs and protect yourself from fraudulent online platforms.

Protect Yourself from Scams

Equip yourself with knowledge and practical tips to avoid online scams.

Identify Safe Emails and Links

Gain insights into identifying legitimate emails and links to prevent phishing and other malicious activities.

Digital Footprint

Understand the concept of a permanent digital trail and learn ways to manage and shape your online presence.


Explore the importance of obtaining consent before capturing and sharing someone’s photo online.

Digital Wellbeing

Discover strategies and practices to maintain a healthy and balanced relationship with technology, promoting overall wellbeing in the digital age.

Online Presence Matters!

Learn how to help, not harm potential opportunities, by understanding the online impression you create. Our online presence holds immense power in today’s digital age, shaping how we are personally and professionally perceived. Please consider these aspects when engaging online.

Why Choose this Booklet?

This booklet goes beyond cyber safety, focusing on keeping your data safe.


Empower yourself with essential online safety skills.

Protect your personal data and privacy.

Develop the ability to identify and avoid online scams.

Ensure a healthy and balanced digital lifestyle.

Create a safer digital environment for yourself and others.

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