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Digital Safety

Our STOP, BLOCK & TALK® for digital safety and wellbeing programme is a research and evidence-based solution to empower students starting early childhood to manage their online safety and wellbeing.

Find the free digital booklet below.

Gaming Fun

From year 0 - 10

STOP, BLOCK & TALK® for digital safety and wellbeing.

Students are empowered to be in control of their digital wellbeing, safety, and mental health. Tamariki learn preventative strategies in a dynamic classroom setting. Each agile session is age-appropriate and tailored to the specific needs of the learning environment.


For New Entrant - Year 3:

  • Interactive Unplugged Coding Activity: Students engage in hands-on coding without using digital devices.

  • Group Discussion on Watching Habits: Facilitated group discussions to establish context for introducing the STOP, BLOCK & TALK (SBT) strategy.


For Year 3 and above:

  • Additional Group Discussions: These discussions are specific to students’ experience levels, establishing context for introducing the STOP, BLOCK & TALK strategy.

  • PMI Activity: Students discuss the positives and negatives they face online.

  • Utilisation of Videos: Age-appropriate videos provide scenarios and facilitate discussions on crucial digital safety and wellbeing topics.

  • Roleplay: Roleplay activities are integrated into the sessions, allowing students to enact real-life situations and apply the SBT strategy.

  • Additional Fun Interactive Activities: To introduce different strategies to handle topics identified in the PMI

Digital Ambassadors
Year 5+

Digital Ambassadors are student leaders dedicated to reinforcing the STOP, BLOCK & TALK® safety and wellbeing strategy, modelling positive behaviours, and promoting digital citizenship within their learning environment.


Benefits of the Digital Safety and Wellbeing Leadership Program:


  • Embed Digital Safety and Wellbeing: Sustain the knowledge learned while embedding it within the school culture.

  • Reinforcement of Strategies: Students remember with minimal effort from teachers and staff.

  • Peer support and Role Models: Digital Ambassadors offer support and guidance to their peers.

  • Leadership skills: Develop leadership skills, digital literacy, and critical thinking abilities, preparing them for future challenges in the digital age.

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The Youth Workbook, a.k.a. the Orange Book,  is a resource that supports this programme. Download a digital version, a fillable version, or buy a hard copy.

Ask us how to embed Digital Ambassadors as part of peer support in secondary kura.

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