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Proactive education is vital. Just as we teach children road safety before near misses, our orange book instils critical online safety skills early. Prepare them to navigate digital risks with confidence and resilience.


Tip: Have your child complete the fillable version before they play games or use social media online. 


This engaging workbook for students in years 5-9 is the ultimate guide to confidently navigating the online world and taking charge of your wellbeing. Packed with interactive activities and valuable insights, it’s your key to staying safe and secure whenever you log on.

Explore the fascinating topics covered in this handy booklet:

  • STOP, BLOCK & TALK®: Empowering you with practical strategies to handle online challenges.

  • Digital Footprint: Discover the importance of managing your digital trail and leaving a positive mark.

  • Online Bullying: Learn how to protect yourself from bullies and create a kinder online environment.

  • Body Image: Uncover the pitfalls of comparing yourself to others online and embrace your uniqueness.

  • Addiction: Explore screen time boundaries and find a healthy balance for your digital life.

  • Consent: Understand the importance of obtaining permission before capturing and sharing someone’s photo.

  • Scams: Sharpen your skills to detect and avoid deceptive online schemes.

  • What is real? Dive into the world of fact-checking and distinguishing truth from fiction.

  • Safety and Wellness Tips: Take control of your online safety and wellbeing with practical tips.

  • Helpful information: Discover a wealth of resources and support networks for concerns.

  • Rewards and Recognition: Receive a certificate for completing the workbook.

Prepare yourself for an interactive and enlightening journey through the digital landscape. Get ready to become a savvy and empowered digital citizen while having fun along the way!​

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