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Digital Waitaha Charitable Trust

empowering ethical learners
knowledge, passion and respect

Parallel Lines

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Quality Time

Our Vision

We want all individuals to be safe, ethical and responsible digital device users who successfully manage their digital wellbeing and safety.

Ways We Help

We create evidence-based programmes

The work we do at Digital Waitaha Charitable Trust provides a holistic approach to solving our community's most significant digital challenges. We aim to empower individuals to manage their digital safety and wellbeing by creating opportunities to engage in our programmes that improve upon their digital skillset.

We currently offer Digital Safety programmes for all ages and Ask a Rangatahi Digital Etiquette programme. We aim to have the Digital WOF by mid-2022.

Working on Laptop

Digital safety and wellbeing programmes for all ages.

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Digital Skills

Ask a Digital Expert
One-on-one advice for your digital device

Safety Resources

Resources for everyone. Check out our Youth Workbook (The Orange Book) and our Whānau Guide (The Blue Book), ready now!

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